Facility Management Services

Benefits of our Facility Management and Consultancy services include:

1) Greater value for money, with Focus and invest your limited resources to improve your core business, rather than in FM activities; with no commensurate result on your bottom line.
2) Reduced overall life cycle cost of asset ownership
3) Delivery efficiency services based on well defined SLA and KPI’s, well-structured and engineered contracts which enables the client to take full advantage of the service providers experience and also a platform for service provider/ end user interaction for optimum services delivery
4) Managing Facilities to meet Sustainability goals in line with Edge Expert and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation guidelines, assuring users (occupants and visitors) satisfaction, Asset reliability, Emergency Preparedness and Business continuity.
5) Manage clusters of your local and host community subcontractors to ensure performance, compliance and measurement, while providing single-point accountability to you.
6) Synergize your organization’s quality objectives with the right suppliers and subcontractors.

Our Four Services are:

A) Facility audit/Condition Survey:
This service aimed at systematically recording inventory and locations of existing assets, identifying their deficiencies and determining the functional performance of building components and infrastructure. This scope includes developing a facility audit/condition survey report, preparing a short term plan for maintenance, implementing corrective action plans, and identifying and prioritizing capital projects covering major improvement

B) Facilities Management and FM consultancy services:
We seek to provide technical and operational solutions to large-scope, long-term, complex, and multi-serviced facilities across Africa. We have designed and mastered processes and procedures that deliver quality and cost-saving opportunities to Real Estate owners and investors with diverse range of portfolios.
While our Integrated Facility Management service method helps you to clearly link Facilities Management services to your organizations’ business strategy; our FM Consultancy services is a bespoke solution to help your large scope of contractors and service providers with management procedures that can help funnel their activities to achieving your business objectives.

We deliver Values through:
a) Access to Best Practice: we provide our customers access to best-in-class practices and standards that has helped them maximize their returns on investment.
b) System Efficiency: We have delivered service efficiency to our customers through the control of processes and insight into performance (including that of buildings and suppliers) that has helped them take proactive decisions and increase their productivity for primary business processes due to reduction in the number of disruptions (from reactive to preventive maintenance).
c) Synergizing Multiple Services and Improved Customers Satisfaction: We apply best-in-class contracting processes and systems that have helped our customers take advantage of the resultant efficiency, and improved customers’ satisfaction that has increase occupancy rate for our Real Estate customers.

C) Onsite Facility Management:
We provide maintenance and management of hard and soft services including: electrical, mechanical, civil infrastructure, landscaping, Cleaning and other support services etc.
The support services provided onsite include:
a) Regular routine inspection
b) Identification and rectification of building defects
c) Occupant relations/stakeholder interface management
d) Capital and Operating budget Management
e) Fire Safety services
f) External Regulatory agencies management

D) Lifecycle Asset Management:
We provide a Life Cycle Management service which involves the facilitation and implementation of a comprehensive Life Cycle Asset Management plan for facilities.
We provide standardized processes and procedures that will govern acquisition, utilization and maintenance of capital assets, as well as identify and manage potential risks.
The scope includes: asset management strategic plan, long-term asset plan, key performance indicators and standard procedures, and processes that govern the life cycle of assets from conceptual design through decommissioning and disposal.